Demosten's Perl distribution for Windows (32 bit edition)


This is my Perl distribution for MS Windows. Though I'm not a Perl guru developer, Perl is my favorite scripting language. It's not easy to be a Perl developer with Windows these days. All perl distributions I know are limiting by features and/or license and I decided to create my own. With this version you could use CPAN or CPAN+ to install modules when needed. Please feel free to send suggestions and bug reports to


Official homepage:
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Some of the features include:


Get involved

I need all the help you can give! I need your good ideas. I need you feedback and opinion. I need you critics. I need your fixes to my code. I need someone to create some art, so we can have a logo, distinct icon and better looking help.


version 5.12.2 rev 1 from (19.January.2011):

version 5.10.0 rev 2 from (13.September.2008):

version 5.10.0 rev 1 from (06.September.2008):

  • Initial release